Automated hardness and structure testing of metallic components

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November 16, 2023

Automated hardness and structure testing of metallic components

The MAGNATEST product family is used for non-destructive testing of metallic materials for magnetic and/or electrical properties. The testing instruments are used in the automotive and aviation industries as well as in the production of semi-finished products.

The focus is on testing components relevant to safety such as brake discs, or ball pins and functional components such as camshafts and drive shafts, pivots and piston pins. Typical test tasks include hardness checks, material differentiation and sorting. MAGNATEST can also be used for the automatic testing for the geometric properties of all metallic series components. The high-performance amplifier installed in MAGNATEST test instruments makes it possible to analyze harmonics, which guarantees an extremely reliable and precise repetition, even when impacted by perturbations.

The MAGNATEST ECM is designed as a low-cost entry level model. The MAGNATEST D features sophisticated evaluation electronic equipment which shows even the smallest differences in structure. The various MAGNATEST test instruments are also provided with a comprehensive range of standard testing coils with round and rectangular cross sections, as well as standard testing probes.

Magnatest D

FOERSTER also developed the MAGNATEST D-HZP with numerous analysis options for testing the materials of semi-finished products. If you would like to find out more about the testing of the structures of semi-finished products, please go to MAGNATEST D-HZP.


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